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In my four decades of experience, I am often asked how my campaigns are successful with customers and clients alike during workshops with aspiring photographers, especially in the ever-growing segment of food photography. Is there a mantra that helps create a great shot? Yes, there is. A keen eye for detail and a pathological dislike for image manipulation post-production. A photographer is only as good as his un-retouched work.

Nothing grabs the attention of hungry customers like delicious and real looking food. An excess of retouching makes the whole thing look fake.

With shrinking marketing budgets of businesses faced with recession, the temptation is to save money by choosing the cheapest talent available. This is often a case of Penny wise, Pound foolish. A smart client recognizes the value of good photography and is willing to pay the extra dollar for the best possible quality.

Recently I had honor to be chosen to shoot for Papa Murphy’s newly launched Breakfast Menu. Working for a client who is uncompromising on quality is a real joy.

Here’s what Zaher Ayat, Marketing Manager, Papa Murphy’s, had to say of our shoot:

“Mr. Pankaj Shah is a seasoned professional with a diligent work ethic. Pankaj has made himself invaluable to our brand’s overall look and feel. His understanding of the client’s requirements and quick turnaround time makes him one of our preferred go to partners.”

A satisfied client, after all, is a photographer’s greatest reward.

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