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I hate bad quality work. It appalls me at what passes off as good photography simply because the client is not aware of anything better. 30% of my business comes from people who tried to save money by going to someone “cheaper” and regretted it. In the “Digital Age” it is too easy to become a photographer, and hence we have some very poor work in circulation nowadays. Very few have either the “ eye” to see things differently or a sense of originality.

I like the challenge of creating something out of nothing – in the sense that very often the clients do not even know what they want. To help them on the journey of discovering the good things about their own product and giving them an image that would help get it noticed gives a great sense of satisfaction. Recently I shot for OROS – which in the client’s mind was just one more Perfume in their stable. However the very strong an appealing images I created for them has helped the product to become a best seller and my client has decided to convert it into a “Brand” under which they will introduce many more products. Here is what Amit Vardhan , Marketing Director at Sterling Perfumes had to say :

Pankaj Shah is one of the most professional photographers and this is reflected in his work he did for Oros perfumes. He did creative shots for us, which turned out to be so brilliant that we used it almost everywhere from magazine ads to in-store branding to a 100 feet hoarding on Sheikh Zayed Road.

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