Quick-fixes may work – in food, not food photography

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Instant noodles, instant coffee –this is the culture of the times. Let’s face it, we have all taken the shortcut at some point in time, even if it compromises the quality of the experience.

As a food photographer, I am constantly pushed by clients to produce more images in less time due to budget constraints. Whilst this should not affect the work of a true professional, the quick-fix attitude is always detrimental for the creative processes. I am therefore reluctant to take up any assignments which force me to choose quantity at the cost of quality. I advise clients to go for fewer images that are excellent as they will create a much greater impact.

Recently, I was appointed to shoot for Ta’moosh, a revolutionary new concept which will offer ready-to-eat Arabic meals. Since the brand and the concept were both new to the market, the branding agency’s brief to me was simple – make it look as appetizing as possible.

For a potential customer, the pack displayed on the shelf is the first introduction to the brand. Mouth watering images that motivate a shopper to pick up the product and add it to their shopping cart is a more important factor in the products’ success than most manufacturers realize. The quality of the images on the packaging can literally make or break a product.


I like the challenge of creating exciting new images. But it is equally important that one meets the design agency’s brief and the client’s marketing objectives. When all three of these converge, then magic happens – as has happened with Ta’moosh.
Here is what Diego Bucciero, Associate Director of the branding agency KKD (Kinnersley Kent Design – UK) had to say:

“Pankaj is simply a pleasure to work with. The project required a certain flexibility over the course of a demanding three-day shoot – Pankaj took everything in his stride and brought the concept to life with stunning results. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services.”

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