“The Good is always the Enemy of the Best”.

It took me a long time to understand this gem of wisdom that a friend shared with me early on in my 43 years’ career as a professional photographer. In all fields of endeavor be it Business, Sport, Politics …the Number 2 (Good) will always fight the Number 1 (Best) to replace him. This is simple to understand.

But in creative fields like Art, Advertising, Photography etc. our internal No 2 is the enemy of the BEST we can be. It is so easy to be satisfied with what will pass muster that we don’t even try to go for the best that is possible. So often I have had to fight with my clients to make just that little bit of extra effort, take just that little bit of extra time to get that much closer to perfection.

It is this obsession with Perfection, and the discipline and hard work it instilled in me, that helped me in my early years. 43 years ago there were no digital cameras, no personal computers and no Photoshop. The image had to be captured Perfect – IN CAMERA!

I bring that discipline to my work even today though I use a digital camera and my portfolio will show you what I can do.

If you also have that passion for perfection – then I would love to work with you !